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The Top 10 Educational Toys for Children under 6 years

Toys play a very important role in a child’s development. There have been multiple studies by diverse groups on the importance of games and toys for  developing childrens’ motor skills, social skills  and  physical growth. So, buying a toy for a child is no longer simple. One needs to consider the age of the child, the sex of the child and the child’s specific interests (if already manifest) along with the areas where additional support is good to have.

While surfing for toys one comes across quite often ‘educational toys’. A toy is considered educational if it helps the child in learning anything of value.The effect that toys might have on the young minds should be considered carefully before  introducing toys for children.

As a mother I have faced several situations where I felt the need for a list of educational toys to choose from for my son. My continuous browsing on the Internet and talking to kids in similar age group helped me in forming the following list:

#1 Baby Bug and Wild Animal Baby
The Baby Bug and Animal Baby are a great buy for babies. The books are sturdy, colorful and are a treasure trove of stories, catchy rhymes and poems.
#2 Beginner Pattern Blocks
These blocks for beginners have bright, attractively colored tiles of different shapes which the toddlers can mix and match and create their own patterns and discoveries.
#3 Baby Einstein Piano
This toy helps the toddlers to count from numbers 1 to 5 in various languages. The colorful lights attract the child to press the different keys which would introduce the child to music.
#4 LeapFrog Scribble and Write
This is a great toy for teaching the child to scribble and draw. The kids can write to their hearts content and then erase it using a slider. It’s a fun way to introduce writing letters for the child.
#5 Fisher-Price’s Sing-A-Ma-Jigs
These are the ultimate entertainers for the curious preschoolers. The Sing-A-Ma-jigs can sing in groups or alone and they are very attractive to the child. These are good way to introduce various colors shapes and sounds to the kid.
#6 Digital Camera from Fisher-Price
The tough make, attractive digital camera from Fisher-price is a good way to introduce photography hobby to children. It is a great gift for preschoolers too. The print quality  too is very good.
#7 ClickStart My First Computer from Leapfrog
Preschoolers can imitate their parents through this computer toy. It includes a child friendly keyboard, mouse and it can be hooked to a television so that the television screen can act as the monitor. Additional games can be bought as per the child’s age.
#8 Breakfast Menu
Kids love to play house and food. This toy developed around the concept of play breakfast and comes with a complete set of serving tray, and breakfast foods like bread, omelets etc.
#9 Savannah Dollhouse for little girls from KidKraft
This is a very trendy dollhouse and can be used to playhouse with most of the popular dolls available in the market. It comes with some great features which are sure to delight many a child.
#10 Fun Explorers Rocket Ship from KidKraft
This helps in firing the imagination of your child. It has some great features like elevators, astronauts, aliens and the whole package to indulge your little astronomer.


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