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Reasons for going in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Cloud

To go for on premise or on cloud is a question which begs for answer.  Choosing the right option will go a long way in ensuring your IT strategy and investments are in line. This article helps in making your decision simpler by letting you know what to expect.

  • ERP will no longer be a capital cost but becomes an operating cost.  You have at your access a flexible ERP solution for which you can pay as per the features and functions you require.  The cost of your ERP is just the cost of operations and does not entail the huge upfront investment. Increasing or decreasing the users is in your control, you can measure the ROI in a completely transparent manner.
  • Security and data backup no longer an issue. With the tremendous enhancements in the security protocols, you need not worry about data protection, access and back up.
  • Remarkable reduction in your IT infrastructure, Hardware and Resource requirements. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is professionally configured and implemented on cloud for efficient business operations and enhanced productivity. There is no need to invest in an internal team to support the application. On cloud Microsoft Dynamics NAV is on high performance and high availability hardware so it has a guaranteed up time to the tune of 99%.

The one point you need to carefully consider before going in for the on cloud deployment is the speed of your Internet connection. At the end of the day the applications availability is dependent on your Internet speed and availability.

With all these benefits expected through cloud Microsoft Dynamics NAV,  more and more companies are opting for the SAAS solution instead of the on-premise. And this trend is set to increase in the coming months with better Internet connections, security protocols and service standards.