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Project Management for Social Media Marketing Projects

Like any other project, the success of social media marketing projects too rests on good project management practices.

Usually in case of small businesses most of the tasks managed by the executive are either operational or tactical. But social media marketing projects are essentially non repetitive tasks which need to be addressed from a strategic stand point so as to leverage on the benefits. Each of these projects has a clear well defined task list with a clear end goal. Hence while working on the social media marketing strategy you would have to set up clear project objectives, goals while at the same time laying out the standard project process to be followed. Thus the Social Media Projects with focus on creating new posts is strategy based while the Social Media Operations will handle customer queries, complaints on the different social platforms.

Social media projects involve a two pronged approach -the first is to create different social accounts and attract visitors and followers to these accounts and the second step is to publish interesting content for your followers.

Setting up Social Media Accounts

There are many social media platforms to choose from, the approach for making the right decision is same as any project management process:

  • The scope – How many platforms to target and which ones to target?
  • Timelines – How much time to be allotted for setting up? How much time to be allotted for managing? How much should be the optimum response time to customers?
  • Project Cost – What should be the social media project budget? Should the publishing be handled in-house or should it be outsourced? Should social media monitoring tools be purchased or should the free tools be used?
  • Quality – Which are the best social media platforms that meet your project objectives, your business?
  • Communication – What are the communication channels to get your employees and customers on to the social media accounts? What is the promotion plan?
  • Project Risks – What are the potential risks? What are the pitfalls to avoid?
  • Project Team – Whether to have a diversified team from different departments taking care of the project or should there be a dedicated team? Who should comprise the team?

Social Media Content Creation

For successful creation of content which grabs the reader’s attention and prompts them to act, it is important keep the focus on the customer. The goal of the content is to engage the customer and build the relationship. For creating compelling content once again project management comes to the rescue.

  • Initiation Phase: This involves brainstorming, create a list of potential content topics for the project, collate connecting images, record customer testimonials, product offers etc. This phase helps in prioritizing the messages and coming up with the project schedule depending on seasonal promotions, holidays etc.
  • Planning Phase: Once the prioritized content idea list is ready, the content elements for each need to be planned. The videos, locations, employee photo shoots etc. all need to be planned. The details of the same to be shared with the project stakeholders. Content quality needs to be checked, facts verified and most importantly content needs to be written on schedule.
  • Execution Phase: This is a simple phase once your social media strategy is in place. It essentially involves publishing the content/ message.
  • Project Control: As for any project, measuring and monitoring is essential for social media marketing too. It is important to define both success and failure so as to measure the results against this.
  • Project closure: Any project has a beginning and an end. Social media campaigns too are driven over specific periods so as to review the progress against the project goals. In this phase the content quality in terms of gaining customer eyeball needs to be reviewed. The lessons learnt need to be collated and used in the subsequent projects.

This subject has been dealt in greater detail by by Rick Dragon in his article where he talks about using Agile Programming for Social Media Projects.

Wrike Online Project Management Solution

Wrike’s patent pending intelligent email engine is an amazing online project management solution which changes the way one works by simplifying the tasks and enhancing collaboration. Wrike’s product essentially is a My Yahoo! Application which helps the users track changes, allocate tasks, manage schedules etc online in collaboration with the project team.

Wrike’s provides the users the ability to know the modifications, edits, task statuses, re-assigns in real-time thus helping them to stay in loop. One just needs a personal My Yahoo! page to create, assign, and organize tasks while collaborating and tracking status.

The features that make this online project management solution cutting edge are:

  • Patent pending Intelligent Email Engine: This makes it possible for the different teams and individuals to integrate the email communications into their project planning for higher efficiency. Due to the Flexible Structures the coordination is better hence the managers and the team would be able to gain clarity over tasks and schedules while handling multiple projects.
  • Project Management: 360 degree insight possible. Ability to view the progress, team efficiency and productivity, thus making managing projects easy. The Dynamic Timeline helps in scheduling, reassigning and updating – all in the click of button.
  • Collaboration: Due to the merging of email communications to the planning process, collaboration becomes easy and efficient. The ability to edit tasks and track versions is a great feature especially in case of distributed teams.
  • Enhanced productivity: It does not just simply project management; it increases the productivity of each team member by reducing routine tasks like sending reminders, checking for updates, comparing versions etc.
  • Projects dashboard: Ability to view to different projects, data and the linking documents from one single screen. One can drill down into different details if required at the click of a button.  It also has a role based and secure access making the application safe to use.
  • Plans visualization: The application allows for creation of interactive Gantt Charts to interpret the project plan and tasks, thus providing instant information to all the stakeholders.
  • Ease of tracking: Wrike has a built-in time tracker which makes it easy for payroll processing  by giving accurate information on the time spent by each member for the project.
  • Mobile friendly: The application has been designed to work on different handheld devices like the iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc. This makes it highly useful and easy to collaborate even when travelling.

With all these interesting and highly useful features Wrike’s project management solution is set to take on the markets on fire.